Billing & Payment

Information and Payment Procedure

About Credits

Our system of accounting is based on a credits-per-use system which is very accurate. Usage is computed up to the last second. We give 1 credit per second, 60 credits per minute and 3600 credits per hour. Please be informed that unused hours are not carried over or added to the next month.

To monitor and check your usages online, click Manila Onliner’s Area. Included in the usage report are the dates and times the account was used and also the phone number used to dial up. This is important to show if you wish to trace who is using your account.

Billing Statements

Billing Statements are sent to each subscriber through email (please use your Manila Online email address to check your monthly billing statements) every first week of the month and can be also viewed online through Manila Onliner’s Area. Cut off of billing period is from 25th to 24th. Requests for billing through fax can be facilitated provided that the subscriber calls Manila Online for information.

Payment Due Date

Payment Due Date is every 5th of the month. Monthly subscription payments should be made on or before the due date. Otherwise, the account will be suspended or put on hold automatically on the 20th of the month.

Payment Procedures

Important: Please make all check payments payable to InfoDyne, Inc.

    • BPI Account: INFODYNE, INC. - 3141-0693-13

      Note: Please fax the deposit slip and indicate your account number. Fax: (02) 310-5784.

    • Unit 2008 Antel Global Corporate Center,
      No. 3 Dona Julia Vargas Avenue, Ortigas Center
      Pasig City, Philippines 1605

Upgrading and Downgrading

Once a subscriber decides to upgrade or downgrade his/her account, he/she should submit a request or letter of intent to the Billing Department for processing.

No other charges will be billed for this procedure, except for the amount of the plan chosen for upgrade or downgrade. The corresponding amount must be paid to settle the next applicable month of subscription.

Suspension and Termination of Account by the Subscriber

A subscriber may voluntarily request for the suspension or termination of his/her account.

If you can not use your Internet account for some reason, (e.g. computer is busted, going out of town or country for some time, etc.), you are advised to request for a temporary suspension of account so as not to incur billings for the period you will not be using your account. The letter must indicate the details on the dates of suspension and re-activation. Otherwise, you will be billed for the monthly subscription charges you are currently enrolled in.

Once your account is temporarily suspended, all internet facilities will be disabled, thus, preventing unauthorized use of your account as security measure.

You may request for re-activation without any re-activation fees.

A letter of request must also be submitted for permanent Termination of Account. This will permanently disable the account. In the event that you wish to re-activate the account, the process of a new application will apply and the necessary and appropriate charges will be imposed.